MingYu Sealing Technology (Taicang) Co.,Ltd
MingYu Sealing Technology (Taicang) Co.,Ltd has been established in 1995, the director of Chinese hydraulic pneumatic sealing industrial association, the private technology enterprise in Jiangsu. The company is specialized in the production, development and marketing for rubber or plastic hydraulic sealing. In 2001, our company had acquired the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification; in 2002, the company has managed all processes with ERP soft...

Years of experience with major construction machinery OEMs for seals, stable quality, reliable performance, to meet the "Three Guarantees" requirements.

Imported raw materials, imported parts formula, excellent performance and reasonable price.

Flexible production, one day delivery (self-mold processing capability, and no mold turning support).

Products are complete, the entire hydraulic cylinder seals can be provided, and are self-produced and manufactured.

Can be customized, even if only one product.

The localization of imported parts standards, prices, delivery time do not worry.

Professional design can be based on the customer's working conditions, the product of pre-planning to ensure the success rate of development.

The TS system ensures the excellence of product quality.

Advanced production and testing equipment, numerical control rate of more than 70%.

Enterprises implement information and digital management, with one click in place.

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