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Piston rod seal

    Piston seal

      Dust seal

        Rotary seal

          Guide ring, support ring, contamination ring, guide set

            Basic seal

              Buffer ring

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                Quality In The Form Of Service To The Heart

                Quality In Form

                Requirements Ming Yu seal in business activities put quality in the first place.

                Quality including product quality, service quality and corporate image, with visible, tangible tangible form of perfect performance,Not only the text, vague form dummy.

                Service To The Heart

                Whether it is manufacturing design, or after-sales commitment, reasonable price and so on to customer service.

                In the operation to provide meticulous, thoughtful, satisfactory service, so careful, attentive and attentively.

                Intentions to service in order to achieve Ming Yu seal in the operation of the market brand and customer recognition.


                Mingyu(Taicang)sealing Technology .Co.,Ltd

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