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Fluorite to "aristocratic"

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On January 2, 2010, the state council general office issued "about to take comprehensive measures to control the mining and production of refractory clay, fluorite notice, announced on refractory clay and fluorite mining, production and export controls, and improve the resource tax.

Achievements of restriction and fluorite ore countries, high pressure zha now! As the most basic raw materials, and the state limit, will increase the cost pressure for a long time, the cost increase, prices peaked, two-way backlog, in the first half of the over optimism in the second half is erased.

Promulgated by the ministry in January notice on strengthening of refractory clay fluorite production control is put forward, in exploration and production in refractory clay, fluorite double total amount control, make to join each other mining and production and decreased year by year. Industry data showed that fluorite market mainstream price to now all the way up, from the beginning of the rise of 118.9%, the chemicals or list first, were surging. Even the current rise in chemicals has been at the forefront. (from the China securities journal fluorite led chemical market)

As at present the most main source of fluorine fluorite reserve-production ratio decreased, the main fluorite fluorite resources consumption countries and regions, our country to strengthen control over the export of fluorite, fluorite prices rising gradually, therefore, we believe that the future hot fluorite ore going "aristocratic". (from changjiang securities research institute of chemical industry: fluorite to noble) Affected by the increase in the price of fluorite, suspension ptfe resin, aluminum fluoride and other downstream of the main fluorine chemical products prices rose.

Listed companies in three love for raw material with fluorite rich shares, JuHua shares, fluoride, etc.

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